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High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) project was introduced in India
  • To bring uniformity to the display of Registration Numbers on vehicles
  • To create an Information Management System of vehicle data through a digital database creation
  • To prevent counterfeiting of plates through the presence of security features on HSRP
  • To prevent multiple vehicle registration on a single Registration Number
New Notification and SO dated 04.12.2018 and 06.12.2018 mandate the fitment of HSRP to all new vehicles manufactured on or after 01.04.2019 through Automobile Manufacturers when handed over to the vehicle owner
Unique Security Features of HSRP
  • A Retro Reflective Film, bearing a verification inscription ’India’ at 45 degree inclination
  • Chromium Based Hologram Hot Stamped on the Plate
  • India Inscript on the Hot Foil of the Embossed Alphabets & Numbers on the HSRP
  • Unique laser etched alpha numeric code on each plate
  • Non-Reusable Snap Locks used to affix the plate to the vehicle
  • Self-Destructive Self-Adhesive Third License Plate Sticker for the wind shield of the vehicle for added verification
The Solution Component includes
  • Networking Technology
  • Information Management System
  • Encryption & Security
Benefits of HSRP
  • Vahan Integrated Issuance
  • Better Government Control through centralized systems and checks
  • Generation of national vehicle data through HSRP documentation
  • Enhanced night visibility, enabling reading of the number plates and identification of the vehicles
  • Nearly impossible to duplicate and counterfeit
  • Better traceability
  • Improved security by Law Enforcement Authorities in tackling road related crimes
Role of Shimnit in HSRP Process
  • Introduced the HSRP technology in India
  • Started Operations in the business since the year 2006
  • Provided HSRP services to some of the most difficult terrains in the country – The North Eastern States
  • Complete knowledge of the rules, regulations & regulatory requirements associated with the project
  • With the new OEM model, working with the premium names in the automobile industry like Hero Motocorp, TVS Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Honda Two Wheelers, Honda Cars, Royal Enfield etc
  • Having an extensive network of more than 150 Embossing Stations throughout the country
  • Delivery of ready-to-fit Embossed Plates within 24 hours from order
  • Best-in class services
  • Steady increase in the market share of the HSRP Project
Order Process
For New Vehicles
  • HSRP for new vehicles shall be ordered by the dealer of each OEM through the Login ID provided to them on our online application
  • Order received shall be validated with the data available on Vahan
  • After confirmation, order shall be processed and delivered to the dealer
For Old Vehicles-
  • As per the State’s directive, the same can be fitted at either the RTOs or through a dealer of the vehicle’s Automobile Manufacturer.